Counselling & Psychotherapy


Sessions are 60 minutes and we would need to find a regular weekly slot that works for both of us. Hopefully, by the end of the hour you will have some idea of the way I work and whether my style and method suit you. With a bit of luck we can plan a piece of work and agree on some form of time scale. This can be specific and time-limited  (eg 6 weeks) and we can build a review if it would help. Or your therapy could be more open ended. Sometimes, after a while it may be that it works with a less frequent commitment, but experience tells me you will need to come weekly initially.


Sessions can still be 60 minutes but can also be longer ( fee pro rata ) and less frequent depending on circumstances. Weekly is still a good idea for a least the first few weeks because there is usually a fair bit of work to do – otherwise I guess you wouldn’t both be there. Couples come with all kinds of issues  — often affairs, loss of communication, family issues, money, control and so on.  Either way each partner always insists on telling me their side of the story and has lost the ability to see the other’s point of view.